Life Update: Where Have I Been?

I’ve not posted for a while, which is unlike me!
But there is a reason. Yet still I feel a hint of panic and guilt. I know there are regular readers, so I apologise content has been thin on the ground lately.
I’m typing this very early on a wet Friday morning. It was part of my ‘to do’ list before I head to work. After feeding the cats, washing up, making the bed, putting a load of washing on and making a cuppa. I thought it was time to keep you in the loop. Next it’s shower time.
A Quick Update: Where Have I Been?


At the moment I am having a fancy WordPress design being drawn up. After blogging for ages it seemed it was time to take it up a notch and move over to the dark side. I am nervous (as my HTML knowledge is below par), excited and ready to publish regularly on a swanky new site.
Along with the new site I will be in New York in around 3 weeks time now (hence the pic in dedication to my fave city of all time), so as you can imagine I’m super excited!! I am quite sure there will be some travel related posts up soon.
Keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for more updates and I will be back with you very soon.
Georgie x

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