9 Thoughts On Dealing With A Bad Haircut.

It may not feel like it at the time but honestly there’s much worse things than a ‘bad do’.


Of course we all want to feel like a new woman (or man) when we bounce out of the salon doors.

There are times however when it just doesn’t happen. The times when we hand that hard earned cash over (begrudgingly) and quite frankly we looked better going into the hairdressers than we did 2 hours later on leaving.

Thoughts On Dealing With A Bad Haircut.

Here are my thoughts on dealing with the haircut you can literally ‘do’ without:

1. Don’t Stress It Honey!

2. Everything is fixable.

3. There are more important things to worry about in life.

4. Hair grows.

5. It’ll look better in 3/6/12 months time.

6. Think of the dead and split ends. They are all gone!

7. You looked hot in that gown for all of 3 hours (literally – so very hot). In fact I have never seen you look hotter in your life!

8. Dreaming of that new hat? Boater or baseball. Now’s the time to invest and wear it to death. Embrace your inner fashionista!

9. You may not come out with what you asked for, however you may end up with something that you would never have tried before and it may turn out to suit you even better!

Just remember when you leave the salon you can look no worse than I did once.

I asked for caramel hues and luxurious honey tones and ended up Cheryl Cole red (think back to Promise This days and stripey tights).


Short and curled with a thick poker straight fringe. I could have been an extra on Hairspray. Think John Travolta in a wig (before he got his skin stretched). Or a lego man.  Serious helmet hair, which had been coated in a vat of Merlot coloured paint. It took a whole afternoon to remove the colour. For sure, these were not my finest hours.

Have you had a bad experience at the hairdressers? Or are you lucky enough to have found someone you can trust with your precious locks?

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