I’m Back!

I'm back. Welcome to Bean's Beauty Blog

Hi there! It seems somewhat strange to be blogging again.

I mean c’mon I haven’t been the most consistent of late. But yes, hi again. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Howdy.

Life has been hectic. I’ve been to New York and come back. Felt unwell for a couple of weeks. Had no wifi at home for around 7 weeks and have been trying to update my blog. The weeks have just flown by.  In less than 3 weeks it’s Christmas and we’ll be tucking into our turkey/beef/3-bird-roast (yuk, sorry)/nut roast (please delete as applicable).

Talking of which I won’t be publishing any Christmas content this year. 

There are tonnes of posts already out there which are fabulous and you should read. This year my heart just isn’t it and I’m not going to post half-hearted content just because it is expected. We’re doing things my way or it’s the highway!

Talking of which what do you think to my new site? I didn’t want BBB to lose the charm of being a blog. I mean some blogs these days look more like a fancy home insurance page. I wanted to retain a blog-like feel, just more grown up and easier to navigate.  Every single post now has its place and you should be able to find what you are looking for much easier than before.

You may be pleased to know that I’m heading back to mainly beauty posts. Of course there will be other content to keep things fresh. Sometimes there are blogs I read and it’s literally all beauty. And I feel like saying ‘yes, it is a great blog but let’s add some fun to the proceedings and mix things up a little, I’m just fed up reading about mascara!’ You know what I mean? After all, variety is the spice of life!

And I did it! I mean I’m actually here. Writing on WordPress and not freaking out! Wowsers!

For now, just welcome back!!

I’ve got a feeling the next post will feature my most worn accessory of the moment! Cosy and warm is a clue…can you guess?

Photo Credit: Maisie Smart

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