The £8 Primark Scarf You Have To Get Your Hands On.

There’s only so much you can say about a scarf right? Normally I would say I agree with you, that yes, there’s not that much to say.


So, in fact you could call this post an ode to the humble scarf. And in this case a Primark one!

Right now I am absolutely digging this pretty scarf from Primark. It’s just £8 guys! I mean I know Primani is cheap, but £8 to keep your neck toasty all winter long. And in style too. Now that’s a serious bargain! You could say. great value for money!

On a particularly nice Winter day we were visiting Wolferton Train Station in Norfolk.  Now closed, Wolferton is moments from Sandringham Estate and was known as the Royal Station. The perfect place for pictures, without me having to be in shot! Yay!

£8 primark scarf

Just feast your eyes on those tones. Grey, pink, mustard and cream. Why am I even telling you this? You can see the colours in all their glory with your very own eyes.

Every girl needs warm basics in their wardrobe and it’s not every day such a pretty, cosy scarf comes along.  You still have change from a tenner, so can just about scrape enough pennies together to enjoy a much needed Starbucks when you’re out on your travels.  I highly recommend the Gingerbread Latte. Delicious!

For the times I have spilt said latte over this, it washes beautifully!

£8 primark scarf


£8 primark scarf

As you can see, I clearly have a new favourite and this will be a permanent fixture both in my wardrobe and around my neck this winter.

Regardless of price, if I was to discover this beautifully wrapped under the tree on 25th I would be over the moon. It’s just lovely. As scarves go, this is actually pretty large, almost blanket style.

the £8 primark scarf

So pick yourself up off that sofa and head to your nearest Primark to see what all the fuss is about.

If you do wish to read more about scarfs (you see I am quite sad like that), head on over here to read all about my love for Burberry’s classic.  However at first glance, things are not always quite what they seem!

Have you got your hands on any new accessories this winter? And are you partial to Primark?

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