Garnier’s Botanical Balm Soothing Rosewater Moisturiser.

Garnier’s 3-In-1 Multi-tasker!

Garnier's Botanical Balm Soothing Rosewater Moisturiser.

The weather and central heating can be extremely harsh on our skin at this time of year. Dry skin seems to reach a new level of dryness and at times it really can feel uncomfortable and extremely irritated.

Pennies are scarce after Christmas, and sometimes it feels like everything is against us. Irritated skin and skint. Not the happiest of times!

Anyway if you are in need of a little TLC and do not want to spend a fortune, I have an amazing product to recommend to you today from the good old high street.

Garnier’s 3-In-1 Botanical Balm Soothing Moisturiser is the best £12.99 I have spent all year (2017, baby).

Garnier's Botanical Balm Soothing Rosewater Moisturiser.

First off let’s talk texture.

This is an intense, thick cream. Familiar with the original Nivea (of course you are), then you’re thinking along the right lines. Garnier have really delivered something we could all use. One product which can be used as a day cream, night cream or mask.

This balm for the price is surprisingly luxurious. 96% of the ingredients are from natural origin and the balm is enriched with rose water.  The scent is very subtle (of rose) and there are no parabens or silicone.

Garnier recommend using for the following:

  • Day care: To moisturise and soothe the skin.
  • Night care: Wake up to hydrated and nourished skin.
  • Mask: Intensely hydrates.


Garnier's Botanical Balm Soothing Rosewater Moisturiser.

For me this is the perfect night cream.

I can slather this all over after an array of serums and oils and let it work it’s magic while I catch z’s dreaming of laying on a hot beach with a raspberry ripple ice-cream in hand. The rich texture absorbs quickly into the skin to leave me with a super-hydrated complexion and no greasy residue.

Garnier's Botanical Balm Soothing Rosewater Moisturiser.

I’ve also been using this as a day cream, especially at weekends.

If I’m at home for the day pottering about, the only chores I have are washing, blogging and finishing off that Cadbury’s chocolate out of the fridge. I will go makeup free, slap this on in the morning. The rose scent is pleasant and somewhat soothing.

By the end of the day my face will feel soft, soothed and extremely smooth.

Yet to try this as a mask, however I can guarantee I will love this just as much for that purpose.

Seriously good stuff at purse friendly prices.

Have you tried this yet? Are you as taken with this as I am, please drop a comment below…

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