New In: Carina Organics Skincare.

Carina Organics Skincare. I’m sorry I left it so long!

Carina Organics Skincare

First off I feel like I owe this brand an apology. All the while I am looking for new fabulous skincare to try (points the finger at me; massive skincare junkie) and for months Carina Organics’ products have been sitting in my ‘to try’ stash and really haven’t been given a look in.

So today months after I should have published this, I am extremely proud to present to you Carina Organics. An all-natural and entirely organic skincare (and haircare) brand, which I, for one have fallen in love with.

An easy range of products which are both effective and as the name would suggest organic. For the past few weeks I have been using both the Toner and Daily Face Moisturizer and am pleasantly surprised.

I have been using all sorts of products to try and combat my ultra dry complexion and there have only been a handful of products which have really helped (more on this coming very soon).  Carina Organics have really helped to soothe and sort out my dehydrated skin and for me deserve a little recognition.  So, let’s start with the:


Ingredients: Filtered water, pine extract, glycerin, chamomile flower extract, nettle leaf extract, dandelion leaf extract, clover flower extract & pomegranate extract (blimey, that is a tonne of extract)!

Other: Synthetic free, fragrance free and certified organic

Carina’s Toner is packed with organic plant, vegetable and fruit extracts. In a bottle with a handy pump it’s just as lovely used as a refreshing spritz over the face or dispensed onto a cotton pad and swept over the face.

The ‘nutrient rich formula’ is unscented and leaves my rather parched skin feeling a little more human-like once again!

Carina recommend using daily; I have been using day and night as the formula is so gentle and in-offensive.

Carina Organics

Daily Face Moisturizer

Ingredients: Filtered water, coconut oil, palm oil, glycerine, pine extract, chamomile flower extract, nettle leaf extract, dandelion leaf extract, clover flower extract (a tonne more extracts -hahaha) & apple cider vinegar.

Other: Synthetic free, fragrance free and certified organic.

Ultra lightweight. For something so lightweight to the touch, at first I was dubious if this would make a difference to my skin. The formula soaks into the skin beautifully with a slightly oily texture. Once massaged into the skin my skin feels smooth, soft and perfectly prepped for makeup.

I have also found using as a hand cream does wonders for (you guessed it) my very dry hands. The formulation sinks in, in the most wonderful way to leave my hands so soft and hydrated, with no greasy residue.

I absolutely love this moisturizer and prefer the formula and results to the much more expensive, hydrating moisturiser I have also been testing from Chanel. Now that’s high praise indeed!

More reasons to try Carina Organics: 

Biodegradable, hypoallergenic, gluten free, paraben free, soy free, no animal testing, vegan, safe in rivers, lakes and oceans, septic safe.

For once a skincare brand which is kind to skin, packed with natural and nourishing ingredients. And which is also kind to the planet. As well as trying Carina, maybe it’s time we tried more Organic and ‘kinder’ products. Kinder to both us and to our planet.

Have you tried any new Organic skincare recently? If you have any recommendations please do share below.

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