Tattoo Talk: Proud To Be Ink Free.

Let me tell you a story.

Many moons ago I thought about getting a tattoo. I was young (not to be patronising) and thought it would be cool and I’d be with the in crowd.

Back then tattoos seemed more of a novelty. Anyway I considered getting something random, literally it would have had no meaning behind it at all. No important date, name or song lyric. I was thinking completely random. A strawberry. A star. Something small and pretty and hidden on the hip. Something discreet and hidden. Just so I could be cool and say ‘yeah I’m inked’.

I remember all those years ago I walked into a random tattoo parlour in Peterborough and nearly booked in. There was something in the back of my mind however which was warning me. Call it intuition but I just wasn’t sure. For the first time in my life (at that time anyway), I made a sensible decision and left. Months later I dreamed of having a flower design tattooed around my ankle, but again it was just absent thinking.

Many years later and I am still tattoo free.  Not for one minute would I think of getting one now or at anytime in the future. While I appreciate markings on others and even think certain images are beautiful works of arts, I love being ink free.
So many people these days are ‘marked’, and indeed I’m sure many of you reading this have an array of different tattoos. I feel like I’m in the minority nowadays and love my ink free, albeit rather fair and freckled complexion.
Not to offend anyone, but walking around the supermarket you see a tonne of tattoos. Some unsightly. Some faded. The unfortunate named ‘tramp stamp’. On tonnes of girls. You see pretty girls all the time, with one really awful, badly done tattoo and I (sound old), but think why?

Tattoos are just not for me. I’m a country girl who loves getting muddy on the farm and is fairly low maintenance. Instead of spending my money on inkings, I would prefer to stock up on luxe skincare and globetrot.

Do you regret having any tattoos? Are there any you are thinking of having? Or, are you like me and proud to be tattoo free? I’d love to know what you think…..

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