Well Hello 2018. I’m Glad You’ve Arrived Safely.

2017. Goodbye. 2017 for me was a little meh.

Of course there were happy days and high points, however it wasn’t the year which really got me.

Not the one, which I thought ‘bloody hell, that was a top year’!

2018. I am pleased you are finally here. I mean, I never really have been a fan of odd numbers anyway. I’m always drawn to 6 and 8, so naturally I have high expectations for you. 2018, let’s do this!

It’s currently 9.11, 1st January 2018. The weather is mild and the sky holds promise of a bright day.

I seem to have been up ages. On my second tea, still adding one sugar. Clean sheets on the bed. The washer is on and the cats have been fed. I’ve cleansed, toned and moisturised and had a steaming hot shower. I have a positive mindset and am looking forward to what this 2018 brings.

I’m not going to publish a tonne of pics from last year, nor brag about all the wonderful things I have done. I’m not even going to sit here and write about what a terrific human bean (being) I am or am going to be.

A post I read last night from a well known blogger really turned me off. Yes, you have a beautiful blog, however I don’t need to know what an amazing individual you are. Sometimes a little modesty is key and much more attractive!

Instead of reflecting too much on my meh year, I’m looking forward.

I read a post this morning from one of my fave bloggers Bky Rouncefield, 18 Low-Pressure things to do on New Year’s Day. It summed a New Year’s Day up perfectly in 2000 words.

Every little thing you do is an achievement and a starting point. Just because you haven’t dropped 3 stone by January 2nd doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You haven’t booked that holiday yet or taken that trip to Venice? You have 12 months my friend. Not quit smoking yet?  There’s another 364.5 days to go. Bank balance not in the thousands? Or credit card bill sky high? We have another 12 months to put that right.

I am quite sure by the end of this week, I will have a full-on to-do list. I started this morning on Twitter. This is what my day looks like; Monday, 1st January 2018:

  1. Change Bedding (done).
  2. Take down Christmas decs.
  3. Hoover and dust lounge.
  4. Write blog post (done – huge tick)
  5. Emails – clear that inbox
  6. Binge watch Netflix or start a new book (this evenings activity).
  7. Pick out a shiny new notebook so I can then work on new blog content and/or start making a massive to-do list for this year.
  8. Drink water.
  9. Call family with New Year’s Day wishes.
  10. Start a charity bag of unwanted items (ongoing).

Wow, I’ve written a post which hasn’t been scheduled. I woke up feeling inspired and hit the publish button. What a refreshing change!

If you start working on your list of things you would like to accomplish today, tomorrow, next week or next month, then Good Luck with your quest. Tick one thing off at a time and feel happy as you do so. Small steps.

And so what if you haven’t washed up from the night before? If your nails desperately need a polish. Does it matter if you haven’t cleaned your teeth by 8am, even if you have been up for 1/2 hour? Just make sure you clean them!  And who’s counting if you drank 3 pints of water one day, but just not quite managed the forth?

Stop stressing and let’s enjoy life. Make the most of it.

2017 didn’t really go according to plan, however if you do want to read my blog plans for last year – click here and for my 2017 life plan, head here.

Do you have any plans for today, next month or for 2018? Please drop a comment below if you do.

All that’s left for me to say is have a wonderful New Year and I will see you back here on BBB very soon. And just know, you got this…

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