Beauty Suitcase Essentials: What to Pack.

Well hi there! Hope all is well today.

It’s been one of those days. Mainly consisting of signing for deliveries and then packaging up again to return. Drinking tea. Deleting numerous crappy pictures off my phone and then writing this blog post. Oh and sitting at said computer in comfies and Primark’s finest black tassel earrings. Makeup free, if anyone now knocked on the door, they would be in for a real treat!

Let’s get to the point of this post. Honestly, I made these collages months ago. Just before I was due to hit New York. Kinda forgot about them. They had just been sitting in my draft folder. So today I thought was the time to turn a draft into a publication. Bloody hell, slow down there George, you sound like a journo! Without further ado, here are the items I highly recommend when you embark on your travels.

Of course if you are holidaying this Summer, you can tailor this list to your own trip, however these products are the ones which I reach for first when I think of travelling. If you can recommend anything which you’ve tried lately and would pack in your suitcase before remembering to take your partner with you, then please do drop a comment below. That was my attempt at lame humour.

Beauty Suitcase Essentials - what to pack

Neutral Eyeshadow Palette 

I really am not an eyeshadow girl. You know the girls who swipe a colour over their lid every day, well that’s just not me. That being said, I have been using more shadows over the past few weeks and top of my list is the somewhat iconic Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette.  Super pretty neutral shades, which I have found work a treat with my blue eyes. Easy to blend with great lasting power. The tones are perfect for day when you may be visiting a museum or sitting on the top deck of a tour bus. Come night, when it’s time to hit the club there are plenty of shades to amp it up!


Now of course you need something to transport all your wonderful items in. Currently my suitcase lost its life and was dumped at the tip months ago. It arrived home from Heathrow with the prongs of a plug adaptor poking through the front. True story. Next time I head to the airport I’m going to use a hard shell case. This Ted Baker one is uber pretty and the rose gold button wheels – just picture them guys- are Instagram worthy alone. Not sure if I will spend quite so much on a TB case, however something similar would fit the bill.

Sheet Masks

Perfect to pack in your case or take on the plane. My current favourite sheet mask is Origins’ Flower Fusion. Travel wise I dig the Lavender one. It soothes the skin and the scent is very welcome if you do feel anxious at all on the plane. At £5 each they don’t break the bank and there is a mask available for all skin concerns.

A newcomer to both Cult Beauty and my list is Saturday Skin’s Quench Intense Hydration Mask. Packed with hyaluronic acid, watermelon and aloe vera this promises to naturally hydrate and refresh the skin. I’m keen to buy this and give this a proper test, so expect some kind of ramblings on Instagram and a review on my blog very soon.


First Aid Beauty’s Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturiser  is ideal to replenish moisture into the skin once you touch down. So whether you are heading straight out to explore and need to refresh your base. Or are going to order room service (and Netflix) and chill then this is a powerful product to inject some moisture back into the skin after a days travelling. My dry skin loves this and the texture of my skin is left feeling soft and smooth.


Always needed. They do the job. Pack a box. Clear. Go with everything! Hair up. Job done! Many bloggers sport Monica Vinader and co on their wrists. My wrist sports the Invisibobble. On the daily.

Urban Decay Quick Fix

Another handy product which I have used on the plane, by the pool and in the park is UD’s Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Prep Priming Spray. Light enough to use throughout the day or as prep-step before applying your base, this handy travel sized spritz (£10) is ideal to keep in your bag. Quick Fix soothes parched skin and offers much needed hydration. So whether you’ve had one two many tequilas or your skin feels particularly dry from the A/C in the plane, this is a Godsend. Truly!


Perfect for a really deep cleanse at the end of the day to get rid of dirt and makeup from your travels. Using this soft sponge, I find really helps the cleanser you are using to work the product into the skin. Using this with a great product leaves my complexion as clean as possible. Just £6.99 from Cult Beauty. The actual Toucan version is ‘100% pure Konjac’, making the sponge rich in vitamins and minerals. Squeaky clean skin at both the start and end of the day.

Beauty Suitcase Essentials - What To Pack


Past experience always warns me to take a decent sized handbag. Not a camera bag. A proper handbag (neutral coloured to go with everything you pack for daily wear – black, cream or taupe/nude – depending on the season). Something which is sturdy and strong. Something you don’t mind if you mess up. Something which will store all the daily essentials and which you can wear cross body – to free up your hands if you’re taking a stack of pics. And if there is a separate pocket to keep your phone/I.D. in all the better.

Face Wipes

Not something I reach for too much at home, unless I’m in a real pickle or wiping off numerous swatches from my hands at home. Essential when travelling. My absolute favourite and slightly more of a luxury then the drugstore ones, are Clinique’s Take The Day Off Wipes. I love their cleansing balm, so these wipes are a must have. They don’t dry out.  For a quick refresh on the go, these are perfect for hands and face, as wiping sticky food off the fingers doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your hands.

Basic Tee

No not beauty, however wherever I go I pack a couple of basic tees which will go with pretty much everything in my case. My favourite T-shirts are from Whistles. At £50 a pop they are pricier than most of the high street.  However they are so soft, wash beautifully and the colours and designs are timeless. I have both t-shirts pictured in my wardrobe, so expect them to feature on my blog soon.  Especially now the weather seems to be warming up slightly. I don’t even have socks on today, just slippers, now that is saying something!

Sleep Mask

Not entirely essential. However ideal on the plane and also if you are in a city of ultra bright lights. If you need a little shut eye, then I highly recommend packing a sleep mask. Available online and also in Boots, prices start from around £5 – £75. £5, it is then!

Other Essentials

As well as my already parched skin drying out even further once I have been sky-high, my flaky cuticles and the ends of my hair also seem to suffer. So it is essential to me to pack a cuticle balm and also some kind of oil for my locks. Badger Balm Mini Cuticle Care is easy to use, around £5 and packed with shea butter so ideal for those with drier skins. I seem to have tins of this everywhere. My car, bag, bedside table, bathroom shelf and surprisingly fruit bowl. I just need to remember to use regularly so I sport the best cuticles in Norfolk!

Hair wise it’s all about the Moroccan Oil. I prefer the lighter version. The tiny travel size bottle is perfect for taking on your hols with you. This can be used on the ends of hair when damp or dry, so perfect to chuck in your Cult Gaia (Ark reference) or your Saint Laurent tote. An easy and quick way to provide nourishment to your hair home or away.

If there is anything you cannot be without on your travels; whether it’s popping into town, a city break or beach retreat, I would love to know.  Please do leave a comment below.


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