Spring Beauty & Fashion Inspiration.

Well hey there. It seems a long time ago I was here. And boy have I missed blogging!

My right hand has been out of action for around 7 weeks now, so it has been pretty impossible to write a blog post. I used to get Carpal Tunnel in my right hand, which I would describe as fizzy fingers.

I would wake in the morning and not be able to feel my fingers properly.  Sometimes this lasted for around 2-3 hours and the tingling became worse over time, to the point where I wasn’t able to wash up in the morning (normally I wouldn’t complain about this, however being the neat freak I am leaving washing up would drive me insane)!

How I understand it, is that basically through years of typing my nerves have become tangled up like wires and needed straightening up. Picture a tonne of computer wires tangled in a mess, it’s a little like that. Hence the op and the strictly no typing rule.

My usually organised self had a little bit of a melt down when I realised that I didn’t have any posts scheduled. I haven’t been able to use a pen, so my usual long To-Do lists have been out of the question.

Yes, I could type on the notes section of my phone. But for my list to work properly it has to be written on paper in pretty, colourful, cactus printed notebooks (optional), so I can tick off as I go.  And feel immensely smug at the same time.

I would say my hand is now around 90% better, certainly still healing, however I am now able to write and type, so I couldn’t wait to sit down today and share the things which I am lusting after. Or in real terms luxury items which are inspiring my Spring/Summer wardrobe!

spring fashion and beauty wishlist


Style Staples

Over the time I have had off work and from blogging I found myself whiling away a few hours here and there on the internet. I was looking for Spring/Summer inspiration (it seems I certainly found it bag-wise) and now count Net-A-Porter and Selfridges as firm friends.

Of course, if money was no object I am quite sure I may add a couple of these bags to my ever-evolving wardrobe.  I mean, how have I only just discovered – although it’s very on trend – that millennial  pink just does not suit me??

Let’s start with Balenciaga’s two-tone Raffia tote, which is around an eye-watering £700.  The shape, tones and structure result in a classic, sophisticated and chic bag. With well fitting Levi’s and white tee, this bag would compliment perfectly. Through the summer months I am quite sure this could be stuffed with sandwiches, suncream and sand. Maybe slightly too smart to be used on the beach!

Eugenia Kim’s Carlotta (Dream On) tote is bright and breezy, much less money and I’m waiting for the high street to bring out a tonne of dupes to choose from.

Cult Gaia’s iconic Arc is the cheapest and having seen this unusual bag styled all over the place, I am keen to rock the look. Ebay do a tonne of versions and instead of £135 + the bags are around £35, so a perfect way to try the trend. To a distant eye I am fairly sure you would not be able to tell the difference.

Saint Laurent offer a tonne of dreamy accessories (as always). Opting for something much brighter than the usual black, grey and red tones of winter, this white and black leather wallet is timeless.  And around £500! Lovely to look at, however this small purse costs as much as a flight to the Caribbean. I know which I would rather make use of!  So, for now, I will just stare longingly at this picture whilst they sell out everywhere. It’s time to head to the travel agent and stock up on holiday brochures.

Miu Miu’s straw bag has it all.  Embroidery, nautical striped handles. Oi, oi sailor, coastal chic at its very best! With an extremely hefty price tag, I’m on the hunt for something similar/inspired by for a fraction of the cost. Great British high street I’m coming for you…


Beauty Buys

Elemis’ Superfood Facial Oil is a firm fave at the moment, you can catch up with the lowdown right here. After using and loving this fabulous oil for weeks now, when I received a deluxe sample of the Day Cream from the same line, I was keen to get started.

No joke, this is one of the best creams I have ever used. I used this up soooo quickly and am desperate to buy a full sized tube. Smells great, the hydration it gives to dry skin is phenomenal. It’s lightweight, packed with goodness and unlike anything else I have ever used. Safe to say this is one product I will be buying and is one of the cheapest items on the entire page!

Around a similar price point is NARS’ Narsissist Wanted palette. Not one to normally wear much eyeshadow, I have been wearing a wash of colour over the lid on a frequent basis and this neutral palette seems to tick all the boxes. Matte and shimmers. Easy looks to achieve for both day and night. I don’t seem to have space in my makeup collection for anything other than neutral eye tones. If I do get hold of this, I’ll let you know what I think.

You all know I have a penchant for balm and oil cleansers, so have ordered YSL’s new Balm In Oil makeup cleanser to try. I have used so many cleansers up lately that I am in the market to try something new. As always the packaging is uber luxe, and I am just hoping the product lives up to my high expectations. And you know, there’s no way I’d drop £500 on a purse but £30 on a cleanser is a different matter altogether!

Keen to buy into the K-beauty trend and obsessed with face masks I am very curious about Erborian’s BB Shot Mask. This sheet mask promises radiance, plump, smooth baby skin. Wow, for £6 each I will take a truck full!  Currently stocked at both Selfridges and Cult Beauty. For the sake of missing out on a weekly Costa (or 2), I’m confident this will benefit skin much more than a latte and slice of banana bread. Priorities people.

With accessories and new skincare sorted the last to switch up is fragrance.

Armani’s Si is the perfect feminine scent for daily use, so when Armani released the equally wearable, but I feel much sexier Si Passione I was hooked as soon as I smelt this in the local Boots. One hot fragrance, which would make any chica of any age, feel sexy, feminine and confident!

So there you have it, a few bits and bobs to inspire you for the Spring/Summer. And thank God, after all that snow and bitter weather we are due some lovely warm sun.

It’s time to turn off the log burner, crack out the fake tan and prep for warmer, longer days!

What have you been loving lately? Do you have your eye on any of these picks? That Miu Miu bag, wow, swoon-worthy!

Here are the links for everything…..

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Saint Laurent Quilted Pebbled Leather Wallet

Miu Miu Embroided Straw Tote

Armani Si Passione

Erborian BB Shot Mask

Elemis Superfood Day Cream

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