December 10, 2022

How much is a dog sitter

So how much is a dog sitter? The price of a dog sitter depends on what you want from them. Just to watch it while you go to the Cinema for a couple of hours or look after it all day while you are at work?

Popping round to let the dog out into the garden and feed it might only take 20 minutes whereas if you want your dog taken out for a walk as well then that will take much longer.

So, let’s have a look at some options

How much is a dog sitter

In home pet boarding

Hiring a dog sitter for when you are away on holiday can be a great option for pet owners who need to be away from home for extended periods of time. It allows them to travel without worrying about their furry friend, and it can provide their dog with the necessary care and attention while they are gone.

Your dog will feel more comfortable being in their own surroundings rather than a strange boarding kennel with dozens of other dogs barking non-stop.

If you are going to be away from your dog for any length of time then you should read here about Separation Anxiety.

On the negative side you need to be able to totally trust the person living in your house for a couple of weeks. You won't want them throwing the sort of parties that the police need to break up or worse!

How much is a house/pet sitter?

But one of the first questions that many pet owners have when considering hiring a dog sitter is: "How much is a dog sitter?"

The cost of a dog sitter can vary depending on several factors, including the location, the length of the stay, and the services provided. In general, however, dog sitters charge an hourly rate for their services.

According to data from, the average rates for short term stays on an hourly basis in the United States is $18 per hour.

In the UK the prices vary but a minimum of £10- £15 per hour.

Of course though you should agree a daily rate if they are actually going to be living in your house while you are away.

Of course, this is just an average, and the actual cost of a dog sitter can vary depending on where you live. In the USA, cities with a high cost of living, such as New York or San Francisco, the average hourly rate for a dog sitter may be higher, while in smaller towns and rural areas, the rate may be lower.

The UK is no different, a dog sitter in Kensington & Chelsea is going to charge eye watering amounts compared to someone in Sheffield.

Additionally, the length of the stay will be the biggest deciding factor. A dog sitter may offer discounts for extended stays and overnight care, while a shorter stay may be charged at a higher rate.

In addition to the hourly rate, there may also be additional fees for services such as pickup and drop-off, or for providing meals and medication for the dog. It's important to discuss these additional fees with the dog sitter before hiring them, to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the total cost.

One way to find a dog sitter at a price that fits your budget is to use a website or app that connects pet owners with local dog sitters. These platforms allow you to search for dog sitters in your area, read reviews from other pet owners, and compare prices. They also often offer features such as secure payment options and insurance for both the pet and the sitter, which can provide peace of mind for both parties.

What qualifications should they have?

In addition to the cost, it's also important to consider the qualifications and experience of the dog sitter. A professional dog sitter should have experience caring for dogs, as well as knowledge of basic training and obedience.

They should also be comfortable administering medication or caring for dogs with special needs. It's a good idea to ask for references and to meet with the sitter in person before hiring them, to ensure that they are a good fit for your dog.

Overall, the cost of a dog sitter can vary depending on several factors. By considering your location, the length of the stay, and the services provided, you can find a dog sitter who meets your needs and fits your budget.

Whether you're going on a short trip or an extended vacation, hiring a dog sitter can provide your furry friend with the care and attention they need while you're away.

How much is it to hire a dog walker

How much is it to hire a dog walker?

Pretty much the same as the hourly rate for a dog sitter. So £10 - £20 in the UK depending on where you live and $20 per walk in the US.

This can be a great option for people who are out at work all day, to know that your dog is going to get some fresh air and exercise.

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