December 16, 2022

How to stop my dog from eating sticks

It is important to stop your dog from eating sticks because they can cause serious injury to the dog's digestive system. Here are some steps you can take to prevent your dog from eating sticks:

  • Supervise your dog when they are outside. This will allow you to intervene if you see your dog trying to pick up a stick.
  • Remove sticks from your garden. This will make it less likely that your dog will find sticks to chew on.
  • Provide your dog with plenty of appropriate toys. See our article about "What is the best chew for a puppy" This will give your dog something else to chew on and help redirect their chewing behaviour away from sticks.
  • Use positive reinforcement to train your dog to leave sticks alone. When you see your dog leave a stick alone, give them a treat and praise them for good behaviour.
  • Consider using a taste deterrent. Some dogs may be less likely to chew on sticks if they have a bad taste in their mouth. You can try applying a bitter spray or powder to the sticks to make them less appealing.

It is important to remember that it may take time and consistent effort to change your dog's behaviour. It is also a good idea to speak with your veterinarian for additional guidance and advice on how to stop your dog from eating sticks.

How to stop my dog from eating sticks

Dog muzzle to stop eating everything?

So, can you use a dog muzzle to stop it eating everything? While a muzzle can be used to prevent a dog from eating things, it should not be used as a long-term solution for a dog that is prone to eating inappropriate items.

Muzzles can be uncomfortable and may cause anxiety in some dogs, and they do not address the underlying cause of your dog or puppy trying to eat absolutely everything it can get its hands on.

If your dog is eating inappropriate items, it is important to determine the causes of this problem and address it directly. Some possible causes of this behaviour include boredom, separation anxiety, hunger, or a medical condition. A veterinarian or a certified dog behaviourist can help you identify the cause and develop a plan to address the problem.

Naturally inquisitive

When Bean was a very young puppy, he was into absolutely everything. He didn’t know what he should and shouldn’t be eating or chewing or playing with. It falls upon you the owner/protector for your dog to teach it right from wrong.

A firm “No” from you is what is needed, and you need to be consistent and professional about it. Collapsing into fits of laughter when he does something naughty one day but telling him off the next day for the same thing is not helpful.

Dogs are like young children; they need to know where the line is.

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There are a variety of ways to stop them eating sticks and other harmful things and you must take control of this behaviour as soon as possible.

Taking my dog Bean out for a walk is something I now really enjoy but it isn’t fun if you are constantly on edge that he might do something stupid, that could really hurt him.

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