March 22, 2023

My dog wakes up too early

If your dog is anything like my adorable Cavapoo pup, Bean, he or she is an early riser. Being woken by barks at 4 or 5 in the morning isn’t my favourite thing, and I’m sure it isn’t yours either. So how do we stop it? Read on to find out. 

My dog wakes up too early

How do I stop my dog from waking at 4am?

There are a few things you can try to help your dog stop waking up at 4am.  

Adjust their feeding schedule: If you feed your dog early in the evening, try feeding him or her a bit later so that they are not hungry in the early morning hours. 

Give your dog more exercise: A tired dog is more likely to sleep through the night. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise during the day. Why not check out how much exercise a Cavapoo needs

Create a comfortable sleeping environment: Make sure your dog has a comfortable and quiet place to sleep. Consider using a crate or a designated sleeping area. 

Stick to a routine: Dogs thrive on routine, so try to establish a consistent bedtime and wake-up time. 

Ignore the behaviour: If your dog wakes up and starts to whine or bark, try ignoring them. Don’t give them any attention or reinforce the behaviour. 

Seek professional help: If the problem persists, consider consulting with a vet or a professional dog trainer for more guidance. 

It is bad enough if your new puppy wakes you up really early but it's even worse if it's barking and waking the neighbours up as well. Read "Do Cavapoos Bark a Lot?"

Remember that consistency and patience are key when training your dog. With time and effort, you can help your dog break the habit of waking up too early. 

Why does my dog wake up so early?

There could be several reasons why your dog wakes up so early. Here are a few possible explanations. 

Hunger: If your dog's feeding schedule is too early in the evening, they may wake up hungry in the early morning hours. 

He or she needs to go out: Your dog may need to go outside to do their business. Try taking them for a walk before bedtime to see if that helps. If your pooch drinks a lot at night, see our post on the subject here

Medical issues: Certain medical conditions, such as urinary tract infections, can cause your dog to wake up frequently during the night. 

Anxiety or stress: Dogs can experience anxiety and stress just like humans. If your dog is anxious or stressed, they may wake up early. 

Breed tendencies: Some dog breeds are naturally early risers and are more likely to wake up early. 

It's vital to keep tabs on your dog's behaviour and consult with your vet if you suspect any underlying medical issues. With time and patience, you can work with your dog to establish a consistent sleep routine that works for both of you. 

Will my dog grow out of waking up early?

It’s possible for a dog to grow out of waking up early, especially if the cause of their early waking is related to their age or stage of development. For example, puppies may wake up earlier than adult dogs due to their smaller bladder size and need for frequent potty breaks. As they mature and develop better bladder control, they may naturally sleep through the night. 

However, if the cause of your dog's early waking is related to behavioural or medical issues, it may not resolve itself without any intervention. In such cases, it's important to address the underlying issues and work with your dog to establish a consistent sleep routine.

Remember, every dog is different, and some may require more time and effort to adjust their sleep habits. With patience and consistency, you can help your dog establish healthy sleep patterns that work for both of you. 

What age do puppies stop waking up so early?

The age at which puppies stop waking up so early varies depending on the puppy and their breed. Generally, puppies have smaller bladders and may need to go outside more frequently, which can result in early morning wakeups. As they mature and develop better bladder control, they may naturally sleep for longer periods without needing to go outside. 

On average, most puppies can sleep through the night without needing to go outside by the age of 4-6 months. However, some puppies may take longer to develop good bladder control, while others may be able to sleep through the night earlier. 

Luckily for me my Cavapoo Bean now consistently sleeps right through to 7.30am. That would have seemed ridiculously early to me prior to having a dog, but now I'm used to it and I get on with my day and find I am a lot more productive in the mornings than I used to be.

On the odd occasion when I have to leave Bean at my Dads overnight he is good as gold for him, though he does jump on his bed to lick his ears to wake him up when he wants to go out!

He really should make him sleep downstairs, but he won't listen to me, lol. You should read my article entitled, "Leaving your dog downstairs at night".

Remember, every puppy is different and may have their own unique sleep patterns.  

How can I improve my dogs sleep?

There are several things you can do to help improve your dog's sleep apart from developing a consistent routine. Once I’d established one for Bean, he woke me up much less often. Here are a couple of things you can do that I haven’t yet mentioned. 

Provide him or her with mental stimulation: Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as physical exercise. Try providing your dog with interactive toys, puzzle feeders, or training sessions to help tire them out mentally. 

Reduce anxiety and stress: Dogs can experience anxiety and stress just like humans, which can interfere with their sleep. Consider using calming supplements, anxiety wraps, or working with a professional dog trainer to address any underlying behavioural issues. 

Wrapping up

It sounds like your dog is an early bird! Maybe you could start a morning jog club for dogs in your neighbourhood and your pup can be the honorary leader.  

In all seriousness, with some patience, consistency, and maybe a little extra exercise, you can help your furry friend settle into a healthier sleep routine that works for both of you. In the meantime, enjoy the early morning cuddles and don't forget to set your alarm clock for a slightly more reasonable hour. 

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