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The Ultimate Guide to Dog and Puppy Care. I have a Cavapoo puppy called "Bean" and also years of experience with Bernese Mountain dogs and Dobermanns. 

Let me introduce myself, and thanks for visiting the 'full of beans' blog!

I love the countryside, having spent my formative years in a house that backed onto the meadows.

I love animals, as evidenced by my dozens of pets, and I spend as much time as I can outdoors. I now live with my Cavapoo called "Bean" and assorted pets in Worcestershire. 

If you check out my blog posts you should find loads of information and tips about caring for your puppy/dogs whether it is a Cavapoo or not. 

My sister Katie and Aunty Claire also have Cavapoos, so you will often see them featured here also. 
Beans Blog
I started blogging as I have a passion for all things to do with my Cavapoo puppy, Bean. I was urged to start the blog by friends, so I just hope I can justify their faith in me by making this blog as good as I can.

I am forever trying and buying new stuff to do with my pets. Whilst searching on the internet for the information I was looking for I used to get frustrated I couldn't get what I wanted. So I thought why not write about it myself if no one else is?

I try to travel whenever possible, and I’ll certainly be sharing those adventures with you.

Money Savers

When I review things, I’ll also be doing my best to save money whenever possible.

For instance, if I find any special offers for cool stuff I'll certainly let you know. 

I love meeting new people so by all means please get in touch if you have any questions. Thank you for showing an interest by reading my blog I appreciate all the support.

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