September 29, 2022

Does my Cavapoo need a winter coat?

Cavapoos can feel the cold. You might want to think about buying him/her a coat to keep warm and provide a little extra protection against the weather. Several coats are water/windproof and cover most of the body, to trap in heat and keep them warm.

Unsure what coat to go for, or whether your dog needs one at all? You’ve come to the right place.

Having owned my Cavapoo "Bean" for sometime now, I feel I'm in a position to offer my first hand observations.

Below is a recent photo of Bean on Xmas day in his special Christmas Jumper. (Christmas 2023) Not a very practical option for general dog walking but nevertheless very cute!

Here I'll give my advice on how to tell if your dog needs a coat and at what temperature your dog should be wearing it.

I will also give you one good reason why you might not want to get a coat for your dog.

I’ll also talk about the sort of coat that would be best for your little dog/puppy. Does it need to be a raincoat and/or waterproof?

Also don't forget yourself, see my tips on "What to wear when walking your dog in winter".

First, though, let’s address the question of whether Cavapoos need a coat in winter.

Do Cavapoos need a coat in winter?

Not all dogs need a winter coat, but many would benefit from a little extra warmth, particularly smaller dogs. My Cavapoo "Bean" and other Cavapoos I've interacted with at puppy playgroups look like they have great fur that looks toasty. However, it is not as thick as it looks.

Other breeds I've had experience with, such as Bernese Mountain dogs, have terrific fur and some body fat which is understandable as they originated from snow covered Switzerland!

Cavapoos are not really great as winter dogs, so they often need some protection, particularly if they get wet on a walk, and the water soaks down into the skin.

Signs that your dog is cold include shivering, walking more slowly than usual, displaying anxious behaviour, and sometimes whining.

I recommend you read my "Equafleece Dog Coat" review.

Now to find out how to know if your dog needs a coat.

Does my puppy need a winter coat

How to know if my dog needs a coat?

If your dog shows signs of destress, is anxious or is shivering or moving sluggishly when on a walk, he/she may need a coat.

Here are four signs that may signal it’s time to buy your dog a coat:

  • Shivering after spending only a few minutes outdoors.
  • Exhibiting restless behaviour or whining while he/she is outside.
  • Constantly licking his/her paws or picking up his or her feet. These are both nervous behaviours. Another nervous behaviour is licking fabric. Check out our post on why dogs lick blankets for more.
  • Your pup shows reluctance, or downright refuses to go outside, even to do his or her business.

Keep an eye out for signs of distress, and if in doubt, invest in a coat for your dog. It’s better to know for sure your beloved pup is comfortable rather than end up fretting over them.

As a rule of thumb, small or toy breeds, older dogs, dogs with short legs or short fur would all benefit from a coat. As will dogs who have their fur cut short or are less tolerant of the cold. Some dogs will do better in wintry weather than others.

At what temperature does my dog need a coat?

When the temperature dips below 7°C, smaller dogs like Cavapoos, who are particularly vulnerable to the cold, will likely feel uncomfortable and need the extra warmth a coat can give.

If the temperature falls to below 0°C, puppies, older dogs, and small breeds should definitely wear a coat.

The Cavapoo is more at risk of suffering from frostbite and hypothermia if exposed to cold temperatures for too long because of its small size.

If you’re worried about a coat being too warm for your pooch, why not by a dog jacket instead? These are lighter than winter coats and are a happy medium.

Should I get him/her a waterproof coat?

Yes. If Cavapoos get wet in cold weather, they may suffer from hypothermia or pneumonia if they are not well protected, so buying him/her a waterproof coat could be a smart move. 

A Cavapoo’s thick curly fur can quickly become drenched in rain or snow, so helping them don a waterproof coat is the perfect way to protect them. Plus, you will spend less time drying them off after a walk if they go out with their coat on.

We know that Cavapoos need a fair bit of exercise each day, so ensuring your pup has a well-fitting waterproof coat will mean he or she can spend as much time as they want outside and will have no problem joining you for long walks.

If your Cavapoo is as adorable as "Bean" then I'm sure you'll be keen to ensure it can stay in tip top form, both physically and mentally, whatever the weather.

Unsure how much to exercise your pup? Read our piece on how much exercise a Cavapoo needs.

Do Cavapoos need a raincoat?

Yes. Kitting your Cavapoo out with a snazzy looking raincoat can have several great benefits, aside from ensuring he/she stays active and healthy during wetter months of the year.

Here are just a few:

  • It will keep him or her dry — especially if the raincoat has a hood — and will provide some protection from the wind too.
  • It will stop your Cavapoo from shaking themselves dry after a walk and creating an unholy mess, possibly drenching you in the process. Good news, right?
  • Raincoats can stop injuries from getting infected if your dog has recently hurt themselves so they can go out in wet, windy weather and get muddy without fear of contaminating the wound or getting it dirty.
  • He/she will be able to get enough exercise, come rain, wind, or even a blizzard.
  • It will look super cute. Perhaps this is the most obvious one of them all. Your Cavapoo will surely be the star of the show in his or her raincoat and will look adorable.

With many fabulous varieties of dog raincoats available, why not get looking for one for your pup right now?

Why your dog should not wear a coat

I have just a couple of reservations about letting my Cavapoo wear a coat.

Firstly because of his curly coat I spend a lot of money having him groomed and the groomer says that having him wear a coat throughout the winter, will cause his coat to get very matted.

I find the best way to stop his fur getting too matted is to buy a really good dog brush. I'd originally bought a cheap one but found it to be a waste of time.

Also some dogs hate wearing any type of coat or clothes, so forcing a dog to wear something just because you think it makes them look cute is daft in my opinion.

So if you'd rather not get them a coat I would say that's fine. Just take them out for shorter walks so they are not exposed to the cold for any great length of time.

It goes without saying that they should never need a coat whilst indoors.

Wrapping up

Now you’ll have a better idea of whether your Cavapoo needs a coat, when he or she should wear one, and which type you should go for. All that’s left for you to do now is search for the perfect waterproof winter coat or raincoat for your dog.

Be sure to take some cute snaps of your Cavapoo looking fabulous in his wonderful new coat!

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