July 1, 2023

Equafleece Review

Discover how Equafleece can keep your dog cosy and fashionable all year-round. Read my Equafleece review for insights on this all weather-resistant dog fleece.

I’ve bought more than one product from Equafleece for my Cavapoo “Bean” so this review is based on my personal experience.

Below I give my overall “Best Buy” a cheaper alternative and suggestions for other options you should consider.

Equafleece Review

Key Takeaways: 

  • The Equafleece dog collection offers great options when it comes to keeping your dog warm and dry.
  • The Equafleece dog suit is not only rainproof it has easy-to-use adjustable straps and comes in a range of sizes which means you will have the perfect fit for your dog. 
  • The “Tankie” is a great alternative to a full-body suit, just covering the dog's torso. These are lightweight and comfortable and will protect your dog from the worst of the rain and mud.
  • The Equafleece “Summer Suit” as the name suggests is ideal for the warmer months.
  • The T-Shirt Suit is for skin protection and cooling. Ideal for warmer countries with lots of strong sunshine.  

I brought one for Bean, and he loves it. Plus, it keeps him warm, dry and clean, saving me a lot of work. 

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Equafleece UK Collection

As an owner of an adorable Cavapoo, Bean, I know it can be a struggle to keep my pup clean and dry when we go out for walks on rainy days, and it can be tricky to clean his fur and get rid of all the dirt he manages to pick up. Thankfully, I recently discovered the Equafleece Collection. In my view it's a saviour for light-coloured, long-haired dogs 

So, next let’s talk about how Equafleece has been a saviour for my pup. 

Do dogs need coats?

Yes, coats can be very helpful in winter as you can see from our article Does my Cavapoo need a winter coat? What’s more, coats can also be great in summer. With that in mind, let’s find out more about Equafleece. 

A Cavapoo’s coat can easily get dirty and matted in wet weather. This can be a pain for owners and uncomfortable for dogs. But we’re in luck. Equafleece suits keep dogs clean and protected from the elements. 

The Equafleece Dog Suit is designed to cover whole of your dog’s body, protecting its fur from getting dirty or matted due to rain or mud. The suit is made from high-quality fleece that repels water and stops moisture from seeping through to the skin. It's also easy to wash and dries fast. 

The suits also have various features that ensure maximum comfort for dogs. The material is warm and breathable so that dogs don't overheat while wearing them. There are different options available including: 

  • A summer suit - This provides both protection and comfort during the warm months. It protects against water and ticks and is both lightweight and comfortable. 
  • A t-shirt suit - This serves as a cooling coat for your furry friend in summer while being lightweight enough to feel like a t-shirt. 

Both can work well as cooling suits.  

Fun Fact:  Equafleece was named Best Dog Coat Manufacturer in 2018 by Lux Life Magazine in their Pet Product & Services Awards. 

With various options available for any season, Equafleece will make life easier for any dog owner.  

Are Hotterdog and Equafleece the same?

Hotterdog is a range within the brand Equafleece, and the only difference I can see is in the sizing range. Hotterdog has a much more limited range of sizes though, so that’s why I chose Equafleece when getting a coat for my little Cavapoo, Bean.   

The Equafleece Dog Tankie

Equafleece has also introduced a unique Dog Tankie that covers the entire body of your pooch. It shares similarities with the dog suit but caters more towards dogs who tend to get hot easily. This Tankie is comfortable, lightweight and helps safeguard your dog from infection.  

With Equafleece's dog suit, your furry friend will stay clean and protected, even in the muddiest places. 

Next, let’s highlight some features and benefits of using a Equafleece dog suit.

Features of the Equafleece Dog Suit

The Dog Suit in the Equafleece Collection is a protective measure for dogs with long hair or light fur. It keeps them clean and dry during muddy or rainy seasons. 


  • Is made from high-quality, water-resistant fabric which breathable. 
  • A unique fit tailored to the dog's body. 
  • Covers the entire body save for the legs and head, keeping them warm, 
  • Comes in different sizes so as to fit different sized dogs perfectly. 
  • Has an easy-to-close design with an adjustable touch fastening system to ensure it stays on. 
  • Ensures maximum comfort without any restriction on mobility. 

Benefits of Using the Dog Suit

  1. Equafleece Collection's Dog Suit protects your dog from rain and mud. 
  2. The suit features durable, breathable, and lightweight material that allows dogs to move comfortably. 
  3. The suit is water-resistant, keeping the dog dry even in wet weather conditions. 
  4. It prevents lengthy grooming sessions while also avoiding wet dog smells throughout the house. 
  5. Equafleece Dog Suit offers excellent protection against ticks and other parasites that may cause harm. 

Equafleece Dog Tankie: Covering the Dogs' Body

Equafleece has recently launched a new product called the Equafleece Cavapoo, a dog tankie designed to cover a dog’s body. This innovative tankie has similarities to the Equafleece dog suit, but with a more relaxed fit. One of the advantages of this product is that it keeps dogs cool during hot weather. As a dog lover and owner of a Cavapoo myself, I am excited to learn more about this product and how it compares to other dog clothing options. Let’s explore the Equafleece Cavapoo and its unique features. 

Similarities with the Dog Suit

The Equafleece Dog Tankie has some similarities to the Dog Suit. The former also covers the dog's body and provides protection from rain and mud. However, the Equafleece Dog Tankie is designed for dogs who get too hot in typical dog suits. It affords the same benefits as the Dog Suit, keeping dogs clean but also stops them from overheating in warm weather. 

Do dogs get hot in Equafleece?

Canine protection is essential, especially when it comes to maintaining their body temperature. The Equafleece Collection offers a perfect solution for dogs who get too hot. 

  • The Equafleece Dog Tankie guarantees comfortable all-day outdoor activities without getting overheated. 
  • This product is lightweight and perfect for dogs with an active lifestyle. 
  • It’s made of breathable fabric that allows better air circulation and prevents dehydration. 
  • It’s perfect for the summer and ensures that dogs stay cool even after hours of exercising. 

Check out “How much exercise does a Cavapoo need?” 

History of Equafleece

Equafleece was founded in 2004 by an English couple who wanted to create comfortable clothing for their dogs. Their designs were so successful that they expanded their product line to include a range of protective suits for your dogs to wear in all weathers. Today, Equafleece is a well-known brand in the pet industry, offering innovative solutions for dog lovers around the world. 

The collection has changed the game for dog owners with its focus on safety, durability, function, and comfort. 

The Equafleece Collection truly understands long-haired breeds like Cavapoos by keeping them clean and protected while still providing lightweight, comfortable solutions. 

Summer heat is no longer a problem, thanks to Equafleece's T-Shirt Suit for your furry companion. Let’s find out more. 

T-Shirt Suit: A Cooling Coat for Dogs

As a dog owner, I am always looking for ways to keep my furry friend cool during the hot summer days. The Equafleece Cavapoo provides a perfect solution with their T-Shirt Suit. This innovative design not only protects your dog's fur from dirt and debris, but it also doubles as a cooling coat.  

This collection offers various items that are perfect for summer. The Equafleece Summer Suit is lightweight and offers protection against water and ticks. It’s comfortable and perfect for those warm summer days. The T-Shirt Suit is also a great option, serving as a cooling coat for dogs while being lightweight enough to wear during the summer heat. 

Equafleece offers dog lovers many options to keep their pets cool and protected during hot summer weather. You’ll never be stuck again because you can beat the heat with Equafleece's T-Shirt Suit, perfect for keeping your furry friend cool in the summer. 

The Equafleece Collection has unique details such as its diverse range of sizes that perfectly fit any dog breed. These suits' fabric offers easy movement but also protect your dog from external elements without being too tight or suffocating. 

My personal quote:

"My Cavapoo, Bean, loves this T-Shirt suit from Equafleece! It works well as a cooling coat on hot summer days and keeps her clean on muddy walks. I highly recommend this collection to other dog lovers for better-looking after their 4-legged friends." 

Overall, if you are looking for a product that works perfectly as a cooling coat while offering much-needed protection in hotter or colder months, consider purchasing a product from the Equafleece Collection. 

Recommendation: Equafleece Collection for Dog Lovers

As a proud owner of a Cavapoo, I am always on the lookout for products that can make both of our lives easier and more comfortable. That is why I highly recommend the EquafleeceCollection for dog lovers. This brand has been a game changer for dog owners, providing practical solutions for outfitting your dog for all weathers. With their unique designs and high-quality materials, the products in this collection make looking after our four-legged friends. 

Equafleece suits are lightweight, easy to wear and protect dogs’ sensitive skin from UV rays and cold winds to ensure maximum comfort. 

Five Facts About Equafleece Cavapoo 

  • ✅ Equafleece offers a collection of dog clothing made from Polartec, Lycra style material and is waterproof, to keep dogs clean and dry, during all weathers.
  • ✅ The Dog Suit is perfect for dogs who dislike rain and mud, it serves as a onesie covering the dog's legs and body and can be easily cleaned in a washing machine.
  • ✅ The Dog Tankie is made of the same material as the Dog Suit but only covers the dog's body, it's perfect for warm weather or as something to put on after swimming.
  • ✅ The Summer Suit is made of a Lycra style material and used when a dog gets wet and needs to warm up fast, it's lightweight and works as a tick suit.
  • ✅ The T-Shirt Suit is designed for summer weather and serves as a cooling coat, dog owners can soak the lightweight cotton-material suit in cold water, ring it out, then pop it on the dog. 

Equafleece washing instructions 

Equafleece clothing is easy to clean. Simply sling it in the washing machine, then hang it on the airer to dry and you’re good to go. This feature has saved many hours of bathing during the winter months, as you don't need to put your dog in the shower after every walk. 

FAQs about Equafleece Cavapoo

What is Equafleece and why is it useful for Cavapoos? 

Equafleece is a collection of practical and stylish clothing designed specifically for dogs. It is made from Polartec, a waterproof material that keeps dogs clean and dry. Equafleece comes in a range of styles, sizes, and colours to suit each dog's needs. 

Do dogs need a jumper in winter? 

Yes, sometimes if they are a smaller breed that tend to feel the cold. That’s why the Equafleece Cavapoo is particularly useful for Cavapoos who feel the cold in winter and need a jumper. 

Do Equafleece products come in different colours? 

Yes, Equafleece products come in a variety of colours to meet every dog's needs. From dark brown to mulberry, there’s a colour to suit every taste. 

Can you use Equafleece for swimming and at the beach? 

Yes, you can use Equafleece at the beach and for swimming. The Summer Suit is a lightweight suit designed for summer use, and it keeps dogs warm and dry even when they get wet. Equafleece is also water repellent to a degree, making it perfect for beach trips. 

Are there any alternatives to Equafleece? 

Although Equafleece is a popular choice for dog owners, there are alternative products on the market. Hotterdog is one such alternative, and it also offers a range of practical and stylish clothing for dogs, though the sizes are more limited. 

Where can I buy Equafleece products? 

Equafleece products are available at various stockists in the UK, including Pets at Home and Amazon. You can also find second-hand Equafleece products online. If you're looking for an alternative, Hotterdog is also available at pet stores. 

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