May 17, 2023

What to put on lick mat for dogs

What to Put on a Lick Mat for Dogs

You can explore different options by trying out peanut butter and banana, yogurt and blueberries, coconut oil and pineapple, pumpkin puree and cinnamon, chicken broth and carrots, sweet potato and applesauce, tuna and cheese, salmon and spinach, or even beef and green beans.

Further down in this article we give some recipes you can try.

What to put on a lick mat for dogs

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What is a Lick Mat?

A Lick Mat is a pet accessory that helps calm and soothe our furry friends, especially at mealtime. Its surface has bumps, ridges or grooves. Soft food spreads or pastes can be put onto the mat for the pet to lick off slowly. This simulates the natural licking pattern they use when grooming themselves. Plus, it's an engaging and stimulating activity which encourages healthy eating habits.

Some facts about the Lick Mat:

  • Purpose: Calming and soothing pets.
  • Usage: Mealtime.
  • Features: Bumps, ridges or grooves.
  • Spreads/Pastes: Soft food spreads (e.g. peanut butter).
  • Benefits: Simulates natural licking behavior, encourages healthy eating habits.

Lick mats come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials (e.g. silicone or rubber) and designs to suit different pet needs. It's important to supervise your pet while using a lick mat for safety.

A happy pet owner shared their experience with the Lick Mat product: "My dog used to wolf down his meals without chewing. But since introducing the Lick Mat during mealtime, I’ve noticed how much more leisurely he takes in his food now."

Lick mats are ideal for letting dogs indulge their licking habits without damaging your furniture – a winning situation!

Benefits of using Lick Mats for Dogs

To maximize the potential of your furry friend, consider using lick mats. Using lick mats can help promote mental stimulation and prevent boredom while aiding in dental health. Additionally, they can also assist in reducing separation anxiety and encouraging slower eating habits. In this section on the benefits of using lick mats for dogs, we will delve into how they can provide a range of benefits for your pup.

Promotes Mental Stimulation

Since 2015, Lick Mats have been helping dogs with hyperactivity and anxiety. They offer mental stimulation, natural licking behavior, and improved digestion. Different shapes and sizes make them suitable for all breeds and ages. Plus, they can reduce destructive behavior.

These mats also provide dental benefits and bring joy to furry friends through new textures and flavors. This brain-boosting activity boosts concentration and mood. It even mimics the feeling of eating. So, it's perfect for dogs with separation anxiety or those on a diet.

Lick Mats: great for your pup's mental well-being and your furniture!

Helps with Separation Anxiety

Lick Mats can help dogs with separation anxiety. This can lead to barking and destruction. Mats keep dogs occupied when owners are away. It reduces stress and encourages mental stimulation. Dogs want to explore, and mat licking helps with that. It also helps oral health. Brushing teeth can be difficult, so saliva production is a big help.

Positive reinforcement and Lick Mats can help with separation anxiety. A friend of mine had a Rottweiler with this problem. He tried the mats and noticed improvements. His pup now has positive experiences around food time, and uses the mat to soothe itself when alone.

Finally, there's a way to entertain a dog without hiding shoes or ruining couches!

Prevents Boredom

Lick Mats for Dogs prevent monotony and erratic behavior. They come in various shapes and sizes and keep your pup occupied. Licking releases endorphins and provides comfort. Plus, it makes mealtime more challenging and reduces anxiety. Prolonged use of lick mats can improve emotional health and reduce destructive habits.

For an even better experience, mix up textures, flavors, and scents. Provide healthy and delicious treats. And make sure the licked space is large enough to fit your pup's behavior. With lick mats, your dog’s dental health will be top-notch!

Aids in Dental Health

Lick mats for dogs are more than meets the eye. They can help keep your pup's mouth clean. Your furry friend can lick away their favorite treats, which produces saliva and helps clean bacteria from their teeth and gums.

Using lick mats and proper brushing, plus healthy chewing habits, can prevent tartar and plaque build-up. This is great for dogs that won't have their teeth brushed or scaled. Lick mats also massage their gums.

Plus, you can add frozen yogurt or freeze-dried meats to the mat. This is great exercise for their jaws. Experiment with pastes and fillings to find out what your dog likes best. Then, they won't inhale their food like a frat boy!

Encourages Slower Eating

Lick mats for dogs can regulate their eating speed. This can stop them from gulping down their food without proper chewing. This can help to avoid digestive issues. It also lowers the risk of bloat. Bloat happens when a pup's stomach fills up with gas or liquid. That makes it expand and twist, which is life-threatening. Slowing down their eating helps prevent this.

Plus, lick mats are great for mental stimulation. They have textured surfaces, so your pup has to work to extract food. This natural behavior helps keep them focused and energized. It's perfect for older pooches or those with mobility troubles who can't get enough exercise.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) says interactive feeding tools such as lick mats "are an excellent way to engage an animal's mind while providing positive reinforcement".

Make your pup's day special with a lick mat of peanut butter, yogurt, and even lasagna!

Peanut Butter and Banana

This lick mat recipe is a classic! It combines two of the most beloved flavors in dog treats: creamy peanut butter and soft bananas. Your pup is sure to love this irresistible treat!


  1. Spread peanut butter on the lick mat.
  2. Peel and mash a banana.
  3. Spread the mashed banana over the peanut butter.
  4. Use a spoon or spatula to create swirls.
  5. Freeze for at least one hour.
  6. Enjoy watching your dog have fun licking and chewing!

Don't add any extra sugar or salt - it's important to keep this recipe healthy for your pup. It provides essential nutrients such as protein, fiber, and potassium. It's perfect for training sessions or just as a special treat!

Did you know that peanut butter is rich in healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E? Bananas are high in fiber and vitamins C and B6. This combination helps boost your pet's immune system and promote brain health.

Elvis Presley made the beloved pairing of peanut butter and bananas famous. But we don't suggest feeding his version (banana slices topped with peanut butter between two slices of bread fried in bacon grease) to your pup! Why give them the blues when they can have yogurt and blueberries on their lick mat instead?

Yogurt and Blueberries

Treat your furry friend to the ideal snack: creamy yogurt and sweet blueberries. Here's how to use a lick mat:

  1. Spread yogurt on the mat and add texture with fresh blueberries.
  2. Mix mashed blueberries into the yogurt before spreading.
  3. Freeze yogurt and blueberries as cubes for a refreshing treat.
  4. Blend yogurt, blueberries, and banana for a smoothie-like consistency and spread.
  5. Off-seasons? Use frozen blueberries instead of fresh.
  6. Lactose-intolerant pups? Non-dairy yogurt alternatives available.

For an extra kick, sprinkle cinnamon or honey on the mixture.

Pro Tip: Use silicone lick mats for easy cleaning and reusing. Make your pup drool for more with coconut oil and pineapple on a lick mat. Let them take a sweet vacation!

Coconut Oil and Pineapple

A unique mix for a lick mat? Pineapple and Coconut Oil!

Pineapple has many benefits: it soothes skin, reduces inflammation, aids digestion, and improves dental hygiene. Coconut oil can do the same, but also provides extra moisture and helps your dog's immune system. These two ingredients together make a tasty and nourishing combination.

You can spread chopped pineapple or pureed chunks mixed with melted coconut butter over the lick pad and freeze until solid. You can also use it as a supplement - sprinkle it over meals for the health benefits in smaller doses.

But, don't go overboard - test out small quantities first to make sure your pup isn't allergic or sensitive. Why choose a pumpkin spice latte when your pup can enjoy pumpkin puree and cinnamon on a lick mat?

Pumpkin Puree and Cinnamon

Create a healthy and tasty lick mat for your pup by combining autumnal ingredients! Pumpkin Puree and Cinnamon are great picks, as they have anti-inflammatory properties that can help with digestion, reduce anxiety and boost their immune system.

Here are five benefits:

  • Pumpkin is packed with vitamins A, C, E and potassium, while Cinnamon is a great source of antioxidants.
  • The combination helps reduce gastrointestinal stress from processed food.
  • Cinnamon has antibacterial and antifungal properties to ward off yeast infection.
  • Pumpkin Puree helps regulate blood sugar, making it beneficial for pooches with diabetes.
  • The sweetness of these ingredients makes them irresistible to dogs!

Be sure to get fresh pumpkin or organic canned pumpkin as canned pumpkin with added sugar and preservatives may cause stomach upset. Incorporate Pumpkin Puree and Cinnamon into your dog's diet and give them the best of health! Get our easy recipes on our website and transform your pup's life today!

Chicken Broth and Carrots

For the paw-fect lick mat treat, why not combine savoury Chicken Broth and Carrots? Protein-rich Chicken Broth satisfies cravings and provides essential nutrients for growth. Carrots offer fiber and have a high water content, helping to keep your pup hydrated. Mixing these two ingredients freshens breath odour and reduces plaque build-up. Plus, they're popular with most doggos!

Mix up the flavours by swapping out different broths or blending in fruits like blueberries or bananas. Keep an eye on your pup's treat consumption and adjust according to their weight, age and needs.

One pet parent saw their pup's excitement for meal-time rise after trying this recipe. They noticed their pooch was more chill after licking off all the yummies, providing a unique experience every time. Treat your furry friend to a taste of autumn with a lick mat combo of sweet potato and applesauce - guaranteed to make them wag their tail like a leaf in the wind!

Sweet Potato and Applesauce

Why not give your pup a truly tantalizing treat? Sweet potato and applesauce is a yummy and nutritious option for their lick mat. This combination offers fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. To make it, follow these steps:

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Peel and cut one sweet potato into small chunks.
  2. Put sweet potato on parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and bake for 25-30 minutes, until tender.
  3. Blend cooled sweet potato with unsweetened applesauce in food processor until smooth. Put mixture on lick mat and watch pup enjoy!

But remember, applesauce has high sugar content, so should only be given in moderation. Plus, this combo helps clean teeth too by encouraging licking behavior and removing plaque.

Fun Fact: Sweet potatoes were cultivated in South America 5,000 years ago!

Tuna and Cheese

Combining fish and dairy for your pup's lick mat is a great way to give them an appetizing and nutritious snack. Tuna and cheese provide a special mixture of flavors that dogs find delectable.

Benefits of this snack include:

  1. Omega-3 acids from the tuna, which have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce joint soreness and pain.
  2. Nutrients such as calcium, protein, and vitamin A from cheese, helping to build strong bones, support healthy muscles, and improve immunity.
  3. High in protein and low in carbs, aiding in weight management.

You can vary the texture by mixing tuna and cheese with other safe fruits or veggies. Make sure you use canned tuna in water rather than oil and begin with small portions to avoid any stomach issues or food sensitivities.

For even more mental stimulation, freeze the concoction - they'll spend more time licking it!

Don't let your pup miss out on the nutritional goodness of tuna and cheese. Give them a homemade lickable treat they will adore. For an extra special treat, opt for salmon and spinach on their lick mat - it's like gourmet dining for furry pals!

Salmon and Spinach

Salmon and Leafy Greens - A Delightful Combination!

Salmon and leafy greens make a delicious treat for your pup. This nutritious meal is full of the nutrients they need for a healthy life.

  1. Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These can help prevent skin conditions and allergies.
  2. Spinach is a superfood providing vitamins and minerals.
  3. This mix offers an excellent source of protein for muscle building.

To make this treat at home, blend cooked salmon fillets, spinach, and plain yogurt in a food processor. Then spread the mix on a lick mat and let your pup enjoy!

If your pup is allergic to any of these ingredients, ask your veterinarian before adding them to their diet.

Fun Fact: Salmon has been linked to better brain function in both humans and dogs. A study conducted by the University of Maryland showed that dogs fed salmon oil had improved memory skills compared to those who weren't given omega-3 supplements.

Green beans? More like green beans-and-dogs, am I right?

Beef and Green Beans

Incorporate 'Savory Meaty Mix' into your pup's lick mat for an ideal mixture of flavors! This mix contains Beef and Green Beans. Consider the following when adding this combo to your pup's mat:

  • - Beef has protein which helps muscle growth.
  • - Green beans are packed with fiber which aids digestion and prevents constipation.
  • - This mix is great for dogs who need to build muscle but need easy-to-digest food.
  • - Keep it in an airtight container in the fridge to keep it fresh.

Mix up the flavors on the lick mat to keep your pup interested and healthy. Check with a vet if you aren't sure which flavors your pup can handle.

Lick mats have grown in popularity as pet owners look for ways to keep their pups entertained. By spreading food or flavorful mixtures on the mat, pets can be busy for hours solving puzzles.

A friend once said his pup had lost interest in regular treats. He put different flavors on his pup's lick mat and it worked! His pup spent ages licking every last drop of flavor off it.

Let your pup enjoy licking something healthy with homemade recipes for lick mats!

Homemade Recipes for your dogs Lick Mat

Discovering new ways to entertain your pup? You're in luck! Homemade lick mats are a great way to engage your pup. Here are five recipes to try:

  • Yogurt and Peanut Butter
  • Mashed Banana and Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin and Coconut Oil Mix
  • Cheese and Carrot Puree
  • Blueberries and Sweet Potato

You could even combine ingredients to create unique flavours. But be aware of allergies or sensitivities your pup may have. Pro tip: Stick the lick mat in the freezer before serving.

Plus, serve it in an area away from carpets. You don't want peanut butter paw prints all over your rug!

Tips for Serving Lick Mats to Dogs

To serve lick mats to your dog with maximum benefits, use a small amount of spread, avoid toxic foods, supervise your dog, try different consistencies, and clean the lick mat after use.

Use a Small Amount of Spread

When serving lick mats to dogs, it's important to watch the spread. Using a small amount prevents overindulgence and potential discomfort. Plus, it encourages your pup to lick more actively - great mental stimulation!

Limiting the spread also promotes healthy digestion. Too much fat and sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, or digestive issues. Choose no-sugar-added spreads such as natural peanut butter or yogurt with probiotics.

Make it interesting! Create patterns or shapes on the lick mat. Spread multiple types of treats sparsely for different taste sensations.

Bond with your furry pal - serve them a lick mat with a small amount of spread. Avoid toxic foods - your ex's cooking or otherwise.

Avoid Toxic Foods

Owners should be aware of what not to feed their furry best friend. Detrimental food items for dogs include: chocolate, caffeine-based products, grapes, raisins, onions, and garlic. If consumed in large amounts, these can cause hyperactivity, seizures, anemia, or even death. It is important to research any new food items before introducing them to your pup's diet.

Fascinatingly, dogs have a unique preference in flavours. This is because their olfactory bulb is 40 times bigger than ours! Thus, they get more information from smells than we do. Keep this in mind next time you give your loyal pal a tasty snack on their lick mat! Be sure to stay vigilant, as you never know what your pup might get up to!

Supervise your Dog

To keep your pet safe, it's key to pay close attention when using a lick mat. Supervising your pup will help avoid accidental ingestion and make sure they're having fun without harming themselves. Limit their time with the treat; dogs can be ravenous and may try to eat the mat if left unsupervised.

Read about; What happens if your dog eats a grape?

It's a good idea to understand how your pooch behaves while using the mat. Every dog is different with regards to licking and chewing habits. Taking note of their individual needs and reactions can help you tailor the mat to them.

One owner's pug nearly choked on his lick mat, but luckily she managed to grab it in time. This experience taught her never to leave him alone with the mat again.

In conclusion, constant supervision is essential when using a lick mat. Monitor the length of use, take into account their behaviours and needs, and you'll have a great experience. Mix up the textures and watch your pup go from licking to lip smacking in no time.

Try Different Consistencies

Experiment With Varied Textures!

Dogs love slow-feeding stations. There are various types of lick mats with different textures and patterns for them to explore. Here's a 3-step guide to serving lick mats to dogs:

  1. Find the best texture: Bumpy, grooved, paw-printed, or soft-bristled.
  2. Mix up food consistencies: Wet, soupy, spreads, or non-food mixtures like peanut butter or yogurt.
  3. Use multiple mats: To add new flavors and keep it interesting.

Lick mats were traditionally used as an alternative form of cognitive therapy at animal shelters and vet clinics. Nowadays, pet owners use them to help their dogs ease anxiety and other behavioral issues.

Clean the lick mat after each use. Otherwise, your pup might smell like peanut butter forever!

Clean the Lick Mat After Use

To keep your pup healthy and hygienic, it's a must to clean the lick mat after each session. Failing to do so can lead to bacterial growth and make your pet ill. Here's a 4-step guide on how to clean it after use:

  1. Start by clearing away any food or debris.
  2. Rinse the mat with warm water, then use mild detergent for a deeper clean.
  3. Rinse again to get rid of any soap residue.
  4. Dry it completely before storing.

Note: some lick mats are dishwasher safe, but check with the manufacturer first.

Plus, when shopping for a lick mat, pick one that's easy to clean. This saves time and ensures your pup's hygiene! Follow these tips and you'll have an enjoyable experience with the lick mat!


Choose the best ingredients for your pup's lick mat! Mixing sweet and savoury flavours is a great way to keep them mentally active while cleaning their teeth. Peanut butter, yogurt, mashed bananas and carrots, wet dog food, and pureed pumpkin are widely used. Not only do they taste great, they also provide extra nutrition for your furry friend - without overfeeding them.

Remember using a lick mat should be: a healthy and fun experience!

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