September 17, 2022

Are Cavapoos Good with Kids?

Cavapoos are great with kids. Cavapoos live to have fun, making them perfect playmates for kids, especially those 6 years and over. They enjoy getting involved in dog sports and activities and are great at playing fetch and chasing balls. They love spending time with people and are unfailingly loyal.

In the rest of this article, we’ll find out whether Cavapoos make good family dogs because they are so smart and find out if they bark a lot.

Are Cavapoos good with kids

First, though, let’s discover if Cavapoos can get aggressive.

Can Cavapoos get aggressive?

Cavapoos are not an aggressive breed, but like all dogs, they can become aggressive and display aggressive tendencies on occasion and when provoked.

Things that may trigger aggression include:

  • Acting territorial around their food. They are not likely to bite you but might snarl or growl at you if you try to take food away from them before they’ve finished. They may also get aggressive if they don’t get enough food.
  • If they are ill or injured. If your Cavapoo isn’t feeling like himself, he may display aggression while they are in distress. If you give him plenty of space and time to heal or feel better, your Cavapoo will be back to himself in no time.
  • Hormonal changes. If you havea female Cavapoo that’s going through her cycle, the hormonal changes happening in her body may cause some aggression. If this becomes a big problem, consider talking to your vet about viable solutions.
  • Past abuse. If you adopt a Cavapoo, they may have some emotional baggage. If they have had negative experience in the past, they could be distrustful and suspicious of their new owners. Use of proper training techniques can help you and your pup overcome this.

Remember that most Cavapoos have a sweet, friendly temperament and are unlikely to become aggressive. They even get along with cats.

Check out our post on how to stop a dog from biting for some helpful tips.

Next, let’s talk about how much Cavapoos love to bark.

Does a Cavapoo bark a lot?

Cavapoos are known for barking a lot. They tend to bark if they feel lonely, are uncomfortable, because they are destressed or want attention. They may also bark because they are bored, suffer from separation anxiety or to warn their owners of something.

It’s important to have some idea how much certain breeds love to bark before you decide which one is right for you.

Luckily, by using some specific training techniques can help you limit the outbursts of barking. You want to teach them that excessive barking is not a desirable behaviour.

First you must decide what triggers for barking are acceptable and how much you think acceptable. After all, you can’t expect dogs not to bark at all.

Try to ignore your pup when he barks too much. Don’t pick him up or give him any attention. He will soon learn that barking all the time will not make you notice or fuss him.

If ignoring your dog proves ineffective, try to distract them in some way. This shouldn’t be too difficult with puppies.

As they grow, however, you’ll need to make the distraction worthwhile. Try getting them involved in another activity or throwing a toy into a different room.

Another option is to invest in a bark control device. This is something which emits a small sound only your dog can hear and serves as a distraction. All you need to do is press a button when your pup barks and you’d like them to stop. Do that often enough and your dog will learn to stop barking when the event that triggered the barking happens.

The best way to limit a dogs barking, though, is to teach your Cavapoo to bark on command. That way, you can help him learn when barking is appropriate and when it is unnecessary or unwanted.

The key with all these training methods is to be consistent.

It’s time to find out if Cavapoos make good family pets.

Does the intelligence of Cavapoos make them good family dogs?

Yes, Cavapoos make ideal family dogs, because their loving nature and intelligence makes them easy to bond with for both children and adults alike.

Poodles and King Charles Spaniels are known for being two of the smartest breeds, so the adorable Cavapoo gives you the best of both worlds.

Cavapoos have become one of the popular crossbreeds in the world, known for their friendly temperament, sweet nature, and intelligence.

Thanks, in no small measure to their Poodle heritage, Cavapoos are one of the smartest dog breeds around, making it easy to train them. Check out this post asking if Cavapoos are easy to potty train for more. They learn what’s expected of them quickly.

Their high intelligence means they are quickly able to adapt to any given environment, but also means they will likely act independently from time to time and be a little stubborn. Thus, you will need patience and will need to work hard to get their attention. They will need much positive reinforcement too.

Cavapoos are also empathetic, and because their intelligence makes them easy to train, getting your kid involved early in the training process can be the perfect for your family to bound with your new pup.

A great way to get your dog to bond with family members is to make sure that each of you take turns to groom them. Read our review here on the best brush for a Cavapoo.

To top it all off, Cavapoos are careful around small children.

For an in-depth article about Cavapoo Temperament see here.

Wrapping up

We’ve covered whether Cavapoos will get along well with kids and addressed the question of whether they can become aggressive. We also talked about their tendency to bark a lot, and how well they are likely to fit in to a family.

Hopefully, you found the tips given on how to limit your dog’s barking helpful. All that’s left now is to wish you luck as you introduce your adorable little Cavapoo to your family.

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